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Living in Switzerland

Feb 7, 2024

We speak to the food experts Jessica Manurung and David Moginier about regional foods in Switzerland, particularly in the cantons of Basel and Vaud.

Jessica is a Basel-based food blogger. She has been sharing her restaurant recommendations on social media since 2019. Last year, she published the Basel Cookbook, sharing a mix of innovative and traditional recipes from local chefs.

David has been a food and wine journalist for many years. He was in charge of gastronomy for the daily 24 heures, and has written Vaud cookbook, as well as several books by Michelin-starred chefs.

Join us as we talk about various food traditions and innovations:

  • What people eat in the German and French-speaking areas of Switzerland
  • Favourite dishes to try
  • New trends such as sustainable eating, the nose to tail principle, and Nikkei cuisine

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